Zika Virus Has Serious Consequences

Most people who contract the Zika virus have mild symptoms that last less than a week. Infected people can have a headache, muscle aches, red eyes and/or a rash. That sounds like many other minor viruses. Yet, this disease can have long-lasting affects for newborn babies, so you need to know more about it.

Zika is spread by mosquito bites in specific countries. The CDC has issued travel advisories for countries with confirmed cases of Zika. The Pan American Health Organization issued an alert in May 2015 confirming the outbreak in Brazil. Since that time, a confirmed case in Texas has led researches to believe Zika can also be spread by sex.

There are reports of Zika leading to Guillain-Barré syndrome and pregnant women having babies with birth defects. The CDC says it’s difficult to predict how it will spread. Mosquitos can spread many different diseases, even when you aren’t in a country with confirmed Zika cases. Your best action is to protect yourself and your family.

•Keep your body covered in long sleeves and long pants when going outside.
•Remain indoors as much as possible
•Cover the exposed areas of your body with an EPA-registered insect repellant
•If you camp out, sleep under a mosquito netting
•Treat your clothing with insect repellant

Visit your doctor if you have symptoms of Zika and have traveled to a country listed in the travel notices on CDC.

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From the Patient Scrubs® lady to you, start protecting yourself from Zika and other diseases that mosquitos can spread.

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