Youth Sports Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Annual campaigns have increased awareness of breast cancer. It’s amazing to see that youth sports teams get in on the annual campaigns. They wear pink sun guards, pink socks and ribbons. Or, maybe they add something else pink to their uniforms. Isn’t it awesome that this campaign has extended that far!

Patient Scrubs Says Early Detection is the Best Protection

Patient Scrubs Says Early Detection is the Best Protection

Breast cancer awareness is dear to me because I’m a survivor! We’ve made great progress in creating awareness, but there’s still a long way to go. Get in on early detection.

  • Know the symptoms and signs
  • Understand your risks
  • Perform a breast self-exam monthly
  • Schedule an annual clinical exam
  • Get an annual mammogram

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of breast cancer? Good nutrition, an active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight is vital—not just for reducing your risk of breast cancer, but it also helps reduce your risks of other diseases too. Get moving!

Genetics also play a role in breast cancer. Be especially vigilant about scheduling your mammograms if your family has a history of breast cancer. If you cancer enters your life, stand strong and take action quickly.

I’ve worked with many breast cancer patients because Patient Scrubs® are ideal for treatment and recovery. I also work Patient Scrubs® when I was in breast cancer treatment. They keep you covered during treatments. Yet, you just have to get dressed one time each day. You can wear them to lunch, the grocery store, doctor’s appointments or anywhere else that you need to go.

From the Patient Scrubs® lady to you: help us continue to raise breast cancer awareness. This disease affects men and women. Yet, when it’s caught early, it can be cured. Find out more at the National Breast Cancer Organization.






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