What Is Causing Your Child’s Rash?

Diseases don’t always present the same symptoms, especially in children. And, it’s impossible to know when to ignore them and when to go to the doctor. A little guy that I’ve written about before in my blogs recently got a rash. It looked painful, but it didn’t hurt or itch. So, what’s behind the rash.

The doctor examined him and said that she expected it was a reaction to a virus. Although she didn’t see any signs, she took cultures to watch for the next few days. It turned out that he has strep. No fever, no red throat, etc.

When we looked back over the weeks, it was clear that he had been sick for about three weeks. He vomited a couple of times. There had been a headache one afternoon. Small areas of rash on his skin appeared and disappeared. From time to time, he would sit quietly for a few minutes (totally unlike him). Everything was temporary until the final rash that was all over his body.

While strep isn’t a serious disease, it can have serious complications when left untreated. It can cause rheumatic fever that can cause long-term heart disease and damage. So, it’s important to know that strep can cause a rash.

Of course, other diseases and allergies can also cause rashes. An allergy is the number one place to look if it appears to be contact dermatitis. Rashes can appear from viruses and simply go away on their own. Many childhood diseases include the symptom of skin rash. So, when do you go to the doctor?

See a doctor if your child has an unexplained rash that doesn’t go away in a day or two. It’s not unusual for a healthy child’s immune system to “fight off” diseases. However, many diseases have serious complications. Let a doctor culture to find out for sure.

Children are our future. I’m fortunate that I get to interact with lots of children. My job brings me in contact with children facing serious illnesses. If your child is hospitalized or is facing extended medical treatments, check into our Patient Scrubs® for kids. They will keep him/her covered while allowing access to the body for medical treatments. For the modest child (and most of them are), this gives them peace of mind. The little extras mean a lot.

From the Patient Scrub® lady, I wish you a happy and healthy winter. Stay warm! Stay well!

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