What Goes Into Designing Scrubs?

Do you think all scrub designs are the same? They aren’t. I personally design our medical and Patient Scrubs®. That’s how I know that small changes make a tremendous difference in how scrubs look and feel. Here are some of the things I’ve learned.

Why Hospitals Mandate Colors for Medical Scrubs?

Many hospitals establish a scrubs color code based on different medical specialties. For example, registered nurses may wear galaxy blue. LPNs may wear gray scrubs. Many believe that patients quickly recognize the colors of a specialty, which adds to comfort and safety. Others say color-coding is confusing. We find more hospitals mandate colors of scrubs than not, so we stock the most popular colors.

Many Medical Offices Allow Choice of Scrubs.

Patterns and cartoon characters of often the choice in pediatric and general medical offices. Some nurses like to wear a single color. Others are prefer patterns. However, most agree that darts, pockets and small tweaks make a difference in the fit. We try to keep up with the trends, so let us know what works for you.

Functionality is Important in Patient Scrubs®.

Sure, color is still important in Patient Scrubs®. For example, I can’t get many male patients to wear pink. So, we try to design in colors that work for all. Still, functionality reins. Our garments are intended to make medical treatments easier while keeping the patient covered. We’ve tweaked sizes, necklines, etc., but we maintain our snap design for easy access to the body.

What’s the bottom line? It seems that every medical facility has different standards. They have to choose medical scrubs that work best for them, their staff and their patients. Medical procedures are different too, so we strive to optimize functionality and appearance in our Patient Scrubs®.

I try to design the best scrubs with a lot of versatility for our universal clothing line. In addition, I’ll design within a medical facility’s guidelines when the order is large enough to customize. Before you look elsewhere for medical scrubs and Patient Scrubs®, contact us with your questions. You could be pleasantly surprised with our answer.



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