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Wheelchair and Patient Scrubs® Ease Medical Treatments

When children visit their pediatrician, furniture is the right sized. There are lots of kid-friendly devices. Everything is geared toward making the experience more pleasurable. Many elderly people find it challenging to get around. Yet, most medical facilities have done little to make the visit a little easier. That needs to change. One of my close friends has been taking her parents to their medical appointments. Here’s how she solved some of the elderly-unfriendly issues with a wheelchair and clothes. […]

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Wheelchairs Evolved – Why not Hospital Gowns?

Years ago when the hospital gown was developed, it focused on giving the advantage to doctors and nurses. It gave them access for injections, hearing the heart and easy changing.  Unfortunately, hospital gowns haven’t changed over the years as technologies improved. Hospital gowns are virtually the same as they were years ago. The same can’t be said for wheelchairs.  In 1665 the first self-propelled wheelchair was invented by Stephan Farfler. He was a paraplegic watchmaker. He built the chair on a […]

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