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Toast Your Life, Your Health and Your Friends

  A toast is usually when everyone gathered drinks to an expression of honor or goodwill. While a toast often done with champagne, wine or beer, it can be done with non-alcoholic drinks as well. Here are a couple of toasts that I find tremendously uplifting and wanted to share with you. Here’s to cheating, stealing, lying and drinking. If you cheat, may you cheat death If you steal, may you steal the heart of another If you lie, may […]

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Changing a Habit Can Boost Your Health

It seems like sickness lurks behind every door. Friends are posting on Facebook that they or a family member is sick. The flu is raging. More people are finding themselves in urgent care, emergency room or hospital. Sometimes winter is like this, so I’m going to go with what Henry David Thoreau said, “There is one consolation in being sick; and that is the possibility that you may recover to a better state than you were ever in before.” When […]

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Today is National Hugging Day

Today is the perfect day to reach out to someone to make their day, to show that you care or just to connect.  Today is National Hugging Day. What a great opportunity to give and to receive.  Open your arms wide and reach out to someone.  Do you know what happens next? You get a hug in return.  Yes, there are people that don’t like to be hugged, but how many of those do you know? So, share some warm […]

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Gift Ideas for a Sick Friend, Relative or Neighbor

A thoughtful gift can be just the thing to raise someone’s spirits. Almost everyone knows someone who is facing surgery, in rehab or confined to their home. The big question is what to buy for someone who is sick, especially when they don’t get out much.  Maybe they are confined to their home, the hospital or a rehabilitation center for a while.  Most people look forward to a personal visit, and they enjoy gifts that brighten their day or ease […]

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2014 Brings You the Best of the Best

My first book signing was this past Saturday, and I admit that I was worried.  Would anyone show up? What if someone didn’t like A Prescription for Dignity? Do I have enough assistance to sell my book? Could someone get a decent picture for my marketing team? The list of questions running through my mind goes on and on. The book signing was fabulous.  Do you know that most of us worry about things that never happen. Recently, I saw […]

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Music Captivates Our Senses and Helps Us Heal

The field of music therapy came on the scene in 1950. But, it’s just now beginning to branch out and grow.  It’s easy to understand why music helps us heal. Just close your eyes and take a few moments to listen to your preferred music. Can you feel your mood lift? Music can captivate all of our senses and bring us comfort and joy.  And, yes, it can promote healing. Music therapy is used to maintain and restore emotional and […]

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You Can Count on Me, My Friend

Good friends make our world turn. They share our successes. They share our woes. They help us de-stress. Many friends introduce us to new ideas, new products and new ways of doing things. It’s tough to balance all of life’s demands on your own. Friends are our support and keep us sane, especially those of us who live a few hours away from our family. Friends become our lifeline when we’re sick. They are there for you because your pain […]

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