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Eating Clean Tips

If you strive for a healthy lifestyle or are facing surgery, you’ve probably heard of clean eating. The “eating clean” lifestyle is about choosing the best food options for your health. It’s easy to follow since you simply incorporate more veggies, fruits, grain and health proteins instead of counting calories. Here are a few tips to get you started. Eat Lots of Fresh Vegetables Start with vegetables and fruits that are in season. They taste great and are usually less […]

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The Last Call of Super Bowl 2015

What an ending to Super Bowl 2015! Winning or losing came down to the Seahawks’ last call—whether to run the ball or throw it. The called play was to throw, and the Patriots intercepted. One would think that’s enough said. The Seahawks made what they thought was the best call at the time. But, the game will be replayed forever as commentators and fans re-evaluate every play…and especially the last call. As I watched the game and the media coverage […]

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4 Ways to Reduce the Height of Your Bed

As mattress thickness has increased, it has created many beautiful tall beds. Beds built for extra height gives the children a place to hide or build a fort. It offers a gorgeous touch to your décor. But, it can be a problem after surgery or an injury. Don’t despair! You have lots of options. Many of my Patient Scrubs® customers tell me that they have to do something about their tall bed. Remember, many of my conversations are about prepping for […]

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How to Build a Bedside Stepstool

Thanks to one of my Patient Scrubs® customers for sharing these instructions. Like purchasing Patient Scrubs®, finding a way to get into a high bed after surgery or an injury can help you immensely. I’ve seen this stool, and it will be an awesome addition to the bedroom for years to come. Bedside Stepstool Materials 1 – 1×8 Board (40” or more) 1 – 1×4 Board (56” or more) 1 – 2×4 Board (97” or more) 12 – 3 inch […]

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Ten Tips For a Better Recovery After Surgery

Preparing your body for surgery can make a big difference in your recovery time.  I never call a surgery minor, but some are more complex than others are.  These tips apply even if you are having outpatient surgery. In fact, they can help boost your health, so once you start these, stick with them to see the difference in how you look and feel. Quit smoking at least six weeks before your surgery. Smoking impairs your ability to heal and […]

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Key Things To Do Before Your Surgery

When surgery is looming, there’s a lot to do. It’s easy to let something slide during this busy time. Whether it’s outpatient or inpatient, you’re not going to feel like yourself for a week or two—maybe longer, depending on your individual recovery time. Being prepared can make a big difference in whether you feel frazzled or feel upbeat while you’re recovering.  Here are some things to consider doing in advance. Identify someone who can help you for a couple of […]

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