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Awesome Alternative to Hospital Gowns

You’re in the hospital or rehab facility because you’re sick or injured. You’re there for your health, so it’s important to avoid extra stress. Yet, you’re asked to put on a hospital gown as soon as you arrive. Talk about stressful! No one has enough hands to keep a hospital gown pulled together, so you’re left with your back side and who knows what else hanging out. There’s an awesome alternative to wearing a hospital gown. Patient Scrubs® were invented […]

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Patient Scrubs® Is Making a Difference In Scrubs

When it comes to scrubs, not all are created equally. Lots of research goes into making the best scrubs. Whether you are looking for Patient Scrubs®, employee scrubs or lab coats, we’ve got you covered. I’ve talked to a lot of people and tested many designs. Here are some features that my contacts say shift the average set of scrubs to excellent. I’m always looking for more input, so let me know if you agree. Patient Scrubs are Ideal for […]

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Get an Edge on Your Nursing Career

Nursing can be an incredibly rewarding career filled with opportunities. If you like taking care of and helping people, this could be the career for you. When you enter the nursing profession, it not only changes your life. You have the potential to change the life of thousands of people that you help in the future. Explore these options to learn more about this career. Education: Formal training offers the most opportunities in nursing. Attaining advanced degrees offer job opportunities […]

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Ebola is Back

Just a short year ago, the Ebola virus raised its ugly head. Because there’s no vaccine and little treatment for this virus, fatalities are frequent. It sent fear rippling throughout the world. You can’t breathe a sigh of relief yet because Ebola isn’t on the backburner. Another American healthcare worker in Sierra Leone has contracted Ebola. The name and gender of the infected person hasn’t been released. But, we do know that they have been flown to Maryland for treatment. […]

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New Medical Scrubs Flyer

I wanted to share my new flyer with other entrepreneurs as a helpful sales tool. When I meet with hospitals about medical scrubs, they have requested a few bullets that they can share with their employees. So, I did a quick flyer by adding a few pictures and bullets. This works for their preferred mode of communication, i.e. blog, website, email, print, social media or even to insert in a video. We’ve done this for Patient Scrubs® too, and it’s worked well for […]

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Best Holiday Gifts for Elderly Parents and Friends

When the holiday gift-giving season rolls around, many people search high and low for a great gift for aging parents, older family members or elderly friends.  Ask them what they want or need, and the answer is usually just seeing or hearing from you is enough. Well, it is true that Dad probably doesn’t need another shirt or tie; Mom doesn’t need another sweater or scarf.  But there are many gifts that they will love.  Here are a few ideas.  […]

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How to Sanitize Your Laundry and Medical Scrubs

Sanitize Laundry and Scrubs to Prevent Germs Flu and virus season is upon us, and that means that we need to be more vigilant about disinfecting surfaces and laundry.  Sanitation is important to help prevent the spread of diseases to others in the home.  Disinfecting clothing is also critical for health care workers so they don’t carry hospital/office germs to family and friends.  Below are tips on how to disinfect clothing, medical scrubs and your home.  Medical professionals need scrubs […]

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Quick Ebola Outbreak Timeline in the United States

In the beginning when the Ebola outbreak was in African countries, it seemed so far away from my home in the United States. But, few people, if any, live in isolation in today’s world. Within just a few weeks, the Ebola virus has made its way to the U.S.  Below is a timeline with links to news about each case that may help you track Ebola in America. This virus has also appeared in many other countries.  March 2014 — […]

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Patient Scrubs™ Helps Protect What Matters Most

Sanitize Medical Scrubs in Chlorine Bleach and Hot Water Around-the-clock nursing care and good nutrition is critical to overcoming the Ebola virus  and other infectious diseases. But, how many countries have access to enhanced medical care?  There’s almost no medical care structure in some countries.  Yet, effective medical support and preventative measures are critical to preventing a widespread epidemic.  Learn how to protect yourself and your family. Your immune system leaps into action when infection enters your body.  Intervention techniques […]

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