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Wheelchair and Patient Scrubs® Ease Medical Treatments

When children visit their pediatrician, furniture is the right sized. There are lots of kid-friendly devices. Everything is geared toward making the experience more pleasurable. Many elderly people find it challenging to get around. Yet, most medical facilities have done little to make the visit a little easier. That needs to change. One of my close friends has been taking her parents to their medical appointments. Here’s how she solved some of the elderly-unfriendly issues with a wheelchair and clothes. […]

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Tips for Safer Medical Care

Errors in medical care can occur anywhere—in hospitals, rehab clinics, clinics, pharmacies or at home. Anyone can make a mistake. But, when it involves medical care, a mistake can be costly or even fatal. Here are a few examples. Medications Getting a new prescription involves several people: your doctor, a nurse, pharmacy technician, pharmacist, etc. As the prescription changes hands, it’s easy to have a mix up in dosage or directions. Patient allergies add another level of complexity. Here are […]

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Zika Virus Has Serious Consequences

Most people who contract the Zika virus have mild symptoms that last less than a week. Infected people can have a headache, muscle aches, red eyes and/or a rash. That sounds like many other minor viruses. Yet, this disease can have long-lasting affects for newborn babies, so you need to know more about it. Zika is spread by mosquito bites in specific countries. The CDC has issued travel advisories for countries with confirmed cases of Zika. The Pan American Health […]

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Patient Scrubs® Tips for Treating Common Cold

School has started. Autumn is here. Sporting events and entertainment shift from outside to inside. All this togetherness gives rise to an increase in the common cold, flu and viruses. While you may take precautions to avoid getting sick, research shows that most people have at least one cold each year. Here are some tips to treat a common cold. Rest is important when you’re under the weather. It helps your immune system fight germs and heal itself. Don your […]

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New York Legionnaires’ Outbreak Infects 86, Kills 7

Wow! Who would expect to contract Legionnaire’s disease by walking along outside? Yet, that’s what happened in New York that has infected 86 people, and more are expected to be infected. The disease has killed seven people who had other health issues. Background on Legionnaires’ Disease Air-conditioning and water cooling towers for large buildings seems to be an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria. Because the disease is airborne, it only takes inhaling the contaminated mist to contract the disease. Sadly, […]

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Protecting Your Child from Infectious Diseases

Reading about the Enterovirus D-68, influenza and other infectious diseases strikes fear in every parent’s heart. Parents are willing to put their life on the line to save their children from harm. Yet, it feels like so much is out of our control. Here are some ways to help protect your children. Immunizations such as the flu shot can help guard against the severity of influenza. But what about Enterovirus E-68. There are no vaccines for that, and some states […]

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