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Stand Up and Be Counted by Wearing Patient Scrubs®

Every time I see a news release or an article about a new hospital gown, I think maybe, just maybe people are catching on and this is one medical problem that will be solved. But, the only way that I have clothing that doesn’t show my backside is because I take matters into my own hands. I wear Patient Scrubs! But, I still feel badly for the people who don’t know that there’s an alternative. Many hospitals won’t switch from the […]

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Patient Scrubs® New Book Debuts

My book, A Prescription for Dignity…A Family’s Story of Struggle, Tragedy & Triumph, is finally out.  This was a difficult book to write because it’s hard to put feelings into words. But, it’s something that I felt I needed to do.  It’s a true story about how my family and I worked together to start the Patient Scrubs® business. It all started back in 2003 when my husband, a retired highway patrolman, Robert Lee Hart, Jr. was hospitalized.  As I […]

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