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5 Ways to Make Aging at Home Easier

Caregivers have made it possible for many elderly people to age in their own home. Staying at home is a tremendous advantage for many of our loved ones. They are more comfortable at home. Many have social networks and church families that help support them. In short, aging at home promotes both physical and mental well-being. If someone you know opts to stay at home, here are some things that can help keep him/her safe and comfortable. Home equipment and/or […]

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Stop Hospital “Super Bugs” Before They Stop You

A new study released last week by the New England Journal of Medicine is generating a lot of coverage. The findings are scary. They say about 1 in every 25 hospital patients got an infection while in the hospital.  There were 721,800 infections at hospitals in 2011, and 75,000 people died, according to U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Scary? You bet! CNN reports that pneumonia and surgical-site infections were the most common. These were followed by gastrointestinal infections, […]

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Music Captivates Our Senses and Helps Us Heal

The field of music therapy came on the scene in 1950. But, it’s just now beginning to branch out and grow.  It’s easy to understand why music helps us heal. Just close your eyes and take a few moments to listen to your preferred music. Can you feel your mood lift? Music can captivate all of our senses and bring us comfort and joy.  And, yes, it can promote healing. Music therapy is used to maintain and restore emotional and […]

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Best Clothing to Wear for Chiropractic Visits

Most people go to a chiropractor only when they are in major pain or had a recent injury. What people don’t realize is that a chiropractor can also treat overlooked problems in addition to injuries and pain. For example, many people never realize that an occasional back pain or headache can be treated. They just pop a pain reliever and go on with life. In many situations, a chiropractor can correct the root cause of the pain. If you make […]

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True Friends Take Care of Sick Friends

When a friend is facing surgery or has a serious illness, do you wonder what you can do to make life just a little better? If so, you more than just a friend—you’re a true blue friend. You go beyond staying in touch. Because you feel that being a great friend is being there for your friends when they need help. There have been many times in my life that I had to count on great friends. If you’ve read […]

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