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Patient Scrubs® On DayTime Tri-Cities

Excited to share my story and new scrubs on DayTime Tri-Cities. Patient Scrubs® are ideal for hospitals, rehab clinics and other medical treatments. In addition to modesty and comfort, our new garments are made with proprietary technology that can be sterilized with bleach. We’ve also expanded our product line to include medical apparel for healthcare workers and other professionals wearing scrubs. Check out the video and hear my story about taking my product and company to the next level. WJHL.com

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Patient Scrubs® is Red, White and Blue

Today, I’m reblogging from the Tri-Cities TN Video Guy http://tribizvid.blogspot.com/. We’re loving that we are partnering with an American company, so we can be red, white and blue. All products are made in the USA.  The Video Guy has helped more businesses get off the ground than anyone I know. He’s great behind the video camera and then follows through with putting your video throughout the Internet world. If you have a business, talk to him about how videos can […]

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Doctors Review Patient Scrubs

This is a great video to learn more about Patient Scrubs®. Two doctors share their thoughts about Patient Scrubs and about how these garments can help in patient recovery. Like most doctors, they are thrilled to have an alternative to hospital gowns that work in the medical environment while still allowing the patient to stay covered and maintain his/her dignity. The video also includes a snippet from one of my TV appearances that shows a variety of Patient Scrubs® garments that […]

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Patient Scrubs® Rocks When You’re Sick

Internet is full of hospital gown patterns and do-it-yourself advice. But, why would anyone want to make a garment that is often referred to as “seymour butts” or “betty barebottoms”?  One pattern says to get a piece of fabric, cut two armholes and put ties in the middle and top. Why bother when you can get that at a hospital or medical practice?   Other patterns that offer a little more style and coverage are typically not acceptable for medical treatments. […]

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Patient Scrubs – An Innovative Alternative for Hospital Gowns

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to when Patient Scrubs can make a difference. Check out our video. I continue to work with hospitals to spread the word about Patient Scrubs – a fabulous alternative to hospital gowns. I believe you’ll see more and more hospitals get on board. VideoRolls.com Mega Video Web Search!

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Little Things Make a Big Difference for Human Dignity

We don’t think much about our dignity until it’s compromised.  What is dignity? Most of us associate it with self-respect. But, when pressed to describe dignity, it’s difficult. To me, dignity goes beyond maintaining self-respect. It’s about  treating others well (like you would want to be treated).  Put yourself in someone’s shoes and think about whether you are treating them with dignity.  Little things make a big difference for human dignity. Dignity is foremost in my mind when someone is […]

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Stand Up and Be Counted by Wearing Patient Scrubs®

Every time I see a news release or an article about a new hospital gown, I think maybe, just maybe people are catching on and this is one medical problem that will be solved. But, the only way that I have clothing that doesn’t show my backside is because I take matters into my own hands. I wear Patient Scrubs! But, I still feel badly for the people who don’t know that there’s an alternative. Many hospitals won’t switch from the […]

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Patient Scrubs Cover You Where Hospital Gowns Fail

Anyone who has been a patient in a hospital, rehab or long-term care facility knows the uneasy feeling of today’s generic hospital gown.  It’s that ugly gown that we’re offered to cover ourselves during treatment.  The problem is that this unisex gown doesn’t cover anyone, so your modesty takes a backseat.   So, let’s take a look at Patient Scrubs® for rehab and hospital wear.  This innovative garment offers dignity in a variety of rehab and hospital settings. Patient Scrubs provides […]

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