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Patient Scrubs – An Innovative Alternative for Hospital Gowns

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to when Patient Scrubs can make a difference. Check out our video. I continue to work with hospitals to spread the word about Patient Scrubs – a fabulous alternative to hospital gowns. I believe you’ll see more and more hospitals get on board. VideoRolls.com Mega Video Web Search!

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Patient Scrubs®—Not Your Mother’s Hospital Gown

We always love a few of the things from yesteryear. Some of us become attached to a special quilt that we had when we were growing up. Others love antique furniture that has been passed down through the generations. Or, take a look at how several fashion trends keep reappearing through the years – miniskirts, bell-bottom pants, skinny pants, etc. But, other things don’t pass the “keep it” test – like hospital gowns. Check out Patient Scrubs®. This two-piece set […]

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Today’s Moms Want More than Hospital Gowns

Today, more moms are choosing to bring their own comfy clothes when packing for the hospital birthing center.  Sure, part of the reason behind this new trend is the nesting instinct – preparing for the baby.  Busy moms also demand functionality and comfort. And, let’s face it…social media is causing many of us to rethink how we look and dress because we want to share the “big event” pictures on our social pages.  Whatever the reasons behind the trend, it […]

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Patient Scrubs® New Book Debuts

My book, A Prescription for Dignity…A Family’s Story of Struggle, Tragedy & Triumph, is finally out.  This was a difficult book to write because it’s hard to put feelings into words. But, it’s something that I felt I needed to do.  It’s a true story about how my family and I worked together to start the Patient Scrubs® business. It all started back in 2003 when my husband, a retired highway patrolman, Robert Lee Hart, Jr. was hospitalized.  As I […]

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True Friends Take Care of Sick Friends

When a friend is facing surgery or has a serious illness, do you wonder what you can do to make life just a little better? If so, you more than just a friend—you’re a true blue friend. You go beyond staying in touch. Because you feel that being a great friend is being there for your friends when they need help. There have been many times in my life that I had to count on great friends. If you’ve read […]

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