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Tips for Safer Medical Care

Errors in medical care can occur anywhere—in hospitals, rehab clinics, clinics, pharmacies or at home. Anyone can make a mistake. But, when it involves medical care, a mistake can be costly or even fatal. Here are a few examples. Medications Getting a new prescription involves several people: your doctor, a nurse, pharmacy technician, pharmacist, etc. As the prescription changes hands, it’s easy to have a mix up in dosage or directions. Patient allergies add another level of complexity. Here are […]

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What Goes Into Designing Scrubs?

Do you think all scrub designs are the same? They aren’t. I personally design our medical and Patient Scrubs®. That’s how I know that small changes make a tremendous difference in how scrubs look and feel. Here are some of the things I’ve learned. Why Hospitals Mandate Colors for Medical Scrubs? Many hospitals establish a scrubs color code based on different medical specialties. For example, registered nurses may wear galaxy blue. LPNs may wear gray scrubs. Many believe that patients […]

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Patient Scrubs® Is Making a Difference In Scrubs

When it comes to scrubs, not all are created equally. Lots of research goes into making the best scrubs. Whether you are looking for Patient Scrubs®, employee scrubs or lab coats, we’ve got you covered. I’ve talked to a lot of people and tested many designs. Here are some features that my contacts say shift the average set of scrubs to excellent. I’m always looking for more input, so let me know if you agree. Patient Scrubs are Ideal for […]

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Ebola is Back

Just a short year ago, the Ebola virus raised its ugly head. Because there’s no vaccine and little treatment for this virus, fatalities are frequent. It sent fear rippling throughout the world. You can’t breathe a sigh of relief yet because Ebola isn’t on the backburner. Another American healthcare worker in Sierra Leone has contracted Ebola. The name and gender of the infected person hasn’t been released. But, we do know that they have been flown to Maryland for treatment. […]

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8 Must-Have’s for Your Website Design

I know a good website when I see one, and I know what I want mine to look like. But, I admit that I have little understanding of the technology on the backend. Thank goodness, my updated website to order Patient Scrubs® and medical employee scrubs is being finalized at this moment. All systems will be go on January 20. Here are 8 must-have’s for website design that I’ve learned (some the hard way). So, I’m sharing with you so […]

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Patient Scrubs™ Launches New Website

Updates on our website are complete. We’re all set for online orders from patients and medical employees who are seeking durable scrubs in colors that can be sanitized in chlorine.  Here’s our news release. ———————————————————————————————————————– Patient Scrubs™, the producer of scrubs for patients and health care employees, has launched a new website (www.patientscrubs.com) with expanded ordering capability.   The website combines comprehensive descriptions and sizing of medical employee scrubs, lab coats and Patient Scrubs™ for easy ordering.  Ebola and other infectious […]

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Toast Your Life, Your Health and Your Friends

  A toast is usually when everyone gathered drinks to an expression of honor or goodwill. While a toast often done with champagne, wine or beer, it can be done with non-alcoholic drinks as well. Here are a couple of toasts that I find tremendously uplifting and wanted to share with you. Here’s to cheating, stealing, lying and drinking. If you cheat, may you cheat death If you steal, may you steal the heart of another If you lie, may […]

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Quick Ebola Outbreak Timeline in the United States

In the beginning when the Ebola outbreak was in African countries, it seemed so far away from my home in the United States. But, few people, if any, live in isolation in today’s world. Within just a few weeks, the Ebola virus has made its way to the U.S.  Below is a timeline with links to news about each case that may help you track Ebola in America. This virus has also appeared in many other countries.  March 2014 — […]

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Patient Scrubs™ Helps Protect What Matters Most

Sanitize Medical Scrubs in Chlorine Bleach and Hot Water Around-the-clock nursing care and good nutrition is critical to overcoming the Ebola virus  and other infectious diseases. But, how many countries have access to enhanced medical care?  There’s almost no medical care structure in some countries.  Yet, effective medical support and preventative measures are critical to preventing a widespread epidemic.  Learn how to protect yourself and your family. Your immune system leaps into action when infection enters your body.  Intervention techniques […]

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Stress Management Tips for Nurses

  Studies show that stress in the American workforce is widespread. Almost everyone I talk to believes that today’s “doing more in less time” and busy lifestyle is more stressful than it was for previous generations. Nurses are at a higher risk than many other people for workplace stress are. That’s an issue almost every clinic and hospital needs to address. To understand some of the stressful issues, walk in a nurse’s shoes for a few minutes. Almost every medical […]

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