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Measles Outbreak Continues

The measles outbreak continues to spread to additional states. Climbing past 100 cases, it’s on pace to exceed the 644 cases of measles in 2014. While vaccinations have kept the number of cases in the U.S. low, measles is common in many other countries. Now, we’re finding that many children haven’t been vaccinated. It’s been years since most Americans have had to deal with this highly contagious disease, so this is a good time for symptom and care reminders. When […]

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Prevent the Spread of Infectious Disease

Infectious disease is one of the leading causes of deaths among children, adolescents and adults throughout the world. Sixteen percent of all deaths each year globally are attributed to treatable diseases. That figure is likely higher in 2014 due to the deaths from Ebola. However, significant advances in medicine and technology have made it possible to prevent many of these deaths. Here are some developments that have made a major impact: Patient Scrubs™ While the majority of infectious disease deaths […]

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