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Best Practices for Garment Photo Shoots

When you sell clothing online, your best friend is the camera. Potential buyers need to know how the clothing looks on a person, the functionality, true colors, etc. A photographer who excels in retail photography is worth his/her weight in gold! That’s what sells your products. Here are some best practices for retail photos shoots. Use real models! Pictures of garments laying on a table shows nothing. Buyers need to see the clothing on a real model. Your models should […]

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Pictures Count in your Marketing Efforts

Here at Patient Scrubs®, we’ve always known that pictures are important. Because most of my business is online, pictures are really important. They really are worth 1000 words. Here are some ways that I get my pictures. Hire a Photographer Sure, I can take a quick picture. But, my scrubs pictures need to be professional. People want to see how others look in the scrubs, so I use models. And, yes, I hire a professional photographer to take my pictures. […]

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