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Pictures Count in your Marketing Efforts

Here at Patient Scrubs®, we’ve always known that pictures are important. Because most of my business is online, pictures are really important. They really are worth 1000 words. Here are some ways that I get my pictures. Hire a Photographer Sure, I can take a quick picture. But, my scrubs pictures need to be professional. People want to see how others look in the scrubs, so I use models. And, yes, I hire a professional photographer to take my pictures. […]

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Social Media Gets a Holiday

Today, June 30, we celebrate Social Media Day. Who knew it had its own holiday? It was launched is 2010 by Mashable, and it’s everywhere today. It continues to grow. Patient Scrubs® owes a lot of our online visibility to social media. Google has made Google+ for businesses mandatory to be found. Whether you claim and manage your business listing or not, it’s probably there. This listing is the information that appears in Google search results. I’ve been writing blogs […]

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Tips for Launching a DIY Business

When I started my Patient Scrubs® business, I knew that I had an excellent product.  These garments filled a need, so I had no doubt that there would be demand. But, I was blind on the technical side of launching and marketing a business on Internet. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’ve been fortunate to meet some excellent contractors that I can count on. Here are some tips that I’ve picked up. Don’t Be Penny Wise and […]

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