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Ten Tips For a Better Recovery After Surgery

Preparing your body for surgery can make a big difference in your recovery time.  I never call a surgery minor, but some are more complex than others are.  These tips apply even if you are having outpatient surgery. In fact, they can help boost your health, so once you start these, stick with them to see the difference in how you look and feel. Quit smoking at least six weeks before your surgery. Smoking impairs your ability to heal and […]

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Patient Scrubs Cover You Where Hospital Gowns Fail

Anyone who has been a patient in a hospital, rehab or long-term care facility knows the uneasy feeling of today’s generic hospital gown.  It’s that ugly gown that we’re offered to cover ourselves during treatment.  The problem is that this unisex gown doesn’t cover anyone, so your modesty takes a backseat.   So, let’s take a look at Patient Scrubs® for rehab and hospital wear.  This innovative garment offers dignity in a variety of rehab and hospital settings. Patient Scrubs provides […]

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You Can Count on Me, My Friend

Good friends make our world turn. They share our successes. They share our woes. They help us de-stress. Many friends introduce us to new ideas, new products and new ways of doing things. It’s tough to balance all of life’s demands on your own. Friends are our support and keep us sane, especially those of us who live a few hours away from our family. Friends become our lifeline when we’re sick. They are there for you because your pain […]

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