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Patient Scrubs® Shares the Meaning of Thanksgiving

With the arrival of fall, our thoughts turn to cooler weather and holidays. Many of us look forward to cooler temperatures for walking, outdoor play and simply enjoying the fall colors. We also look forward to Thanksgiving, the first big holiday of the season. What does Thanksgiving mean to you? What’s on your list this year? Turkey dinner and the trimmings! According to the National Turkey Federation, 95 percent of Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Of course, there are variations. Turkey […]

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WCYB News Coverage for Patient Scrubs®

Another news show for Patient Scrubs®. This time it is WCYB. I always enjoy sharing the story and benefits of Patient Scrubs®. I wish I had the video to embed, but I don’t. You can check out our coverage at this link:

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Little Things Make a Big Difference for Human Dignity

We don’t think much about our dignity until it’s compromised.  What is dignity? Most of us associate it with self-respect. But, when pressed to describe dignity, it’s difficult. To me, dignity goes beyond maintaining self-respect. It’s about  treating others well (like you would want to be treated).  Put yourself in someone’s shoes and think about whether you are treating them with dignity.  Little things make a big difference for human dignity. Dignity is foremost in my mind when someone is […]

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Today’s Moms Want More than Hospital Gowns

Today, more moms are choosing to bring their own comfy clothes when packing for the hospital birthing center.  Sure, part of the reason behind this new trend is the nesting instinct – preparing for the baby.  Busy moms also demand functionality and comfort. And, let’s face it…social media is causing many of us to rethink how we look and dress because we want to share the “big event” pictures on our social pages.  Whatever the reasons behind the trend, it […]

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Hospital Patient Attire for Visitor Time

When you’re going to the hospital, one of the first questions that comes to mind is what you’ll wear.  Everyone that I know hates to wear a hospital gown.  It’s especially awkward if you’re having surgery and will be there for a few days because you know you’ll have visitors. Who wants to be up and about with their backside showing when visitors come calling? Someone once suggested that I ask for two hospital gowns when I was going to […]

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