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April 7 is National No Housework Day

Patient Scrubs Supports No Housework Day We often overlook how much caregivers do. Many have little relief in caring for their loved one,cooking, cleaning, laundry and more. If you know a caregiver, offer to give them some relief on April 7, 2016. It’s National No Housework Day. Give them a chance to catch up on a book, go out with friends or simply kick back and watch TV. At Patient Scrubs®, we are closest to caregivers, people in rehab and […]

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Spring Into Action

Spring is the season for renewal, re-birth and regrowth. It’s a new beginning that is met with enthusiasm—especially for those of us who live in winter climate locations. Spring is the time to think about a new You. Here are some tips to help you create a healthier happier life. Reduce the stress in your life. While you can’t fix everything, you can take measures to reduce stress. Remove yourself from stressful situations that you can control. Start meditation or […]

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10 Tips to Manage Daily Stress

Today’s fast paced world leads to so much stress. I talk to many people who are taking anti-anxiety medication. Why? We’re all trying to pack in as much as possible. We push for perfection. We don’t take time for our family and ourselves. In short, we’ve let our busy lives run us instead of us managing our lives. Here are ten tips to help you cope with and eliminate some of your daily stress. Take some “Me” time: There’s always […]

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Do Your Part for Happiness Happens

  August kicked off the selfie challenge for the 16th Happiness Happens.  To raise awareness of people, places and things that make you happy, the Secret Society of Happy People are challenging each member to post selfies using the #HappinessHappens hashtag.  As I read about this kickoff, my mind immediately turned to the mission of Patient Scrubs®—easing the way for people going through sickness, medical treatments or rehab. Here are some ideas to help brighten their day.  Call your friend […]

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Get Well Soon Gift Ideas for a Family

When a family member is hospitalized, everything becomes much more challenging for the entire family. They have to plan their time around being at the hospital, talking to the medical staff, taking care of their loved one, etc.  Plus, life goes on at home, school and work. Every little bit of thoughtfulness from family and friends feels like a life raft to family members who are drowning in work.  Put together a get well soon family gift basket. Pick up […]

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Patient Scrubs Will be Your Second Best Friend

Medical apparel is big business, and no one knows that better than I. Let’s think back to the 80’s and before. Almost everyone wore hospital gowns.  Nurses wore formal white uniforms, doctors wore business attire and other medical professionals wore business clothes. Scrubs were just for surgery. Everything has changed today, and scrubs have become common for most everyone in the medical profession. Isn’t it time that patients caught up with everyone else? I invented Patient Scrubs® as a convenience […]

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Giving Back For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can bring back memories for many of us. Some recall fond memories of childhood parties, our first love, fun times with our children and more. If you’re fortunate enough to have someone special in your life, Valentine’s Day is a good time to let him or her know.  If you’re struggling with how to celebrate this year, think about choosing ways that let you give back. Teleflora.com will donate 15% of the purchase price of Valentine flowers to […]

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Today is National Hugging Day

Today is the perfect day to reach out to someone to make their day, to show that you care or just to connect.  Today is National Hugging Day. What a great opportunity to give and to receive.  Open your arms wide and reach out to someone.  Do you know what happens next? You get a hug in return.  Yes, there are people that don’t like to be hugged, but how many of those do you know? So, share some warm […]

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2014 Brings You the Best of the Best

My first book signing was this past Saturday, and I admit that I was worried.  Would anyone show up? What if someone didn’t like A Prescription for Dignity? Do I have enough assistance to sell my book? Could someone get a decent picture for my marketing team? The list of questions running through my mind goes on and on. The book signing was fabulous.  Do you know that most of us worry about things that never happen. Recently, I saw […]

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Ten Tips For a Better Recovery After Surgery

Preparing your body for surgery can make a big difference in your recovery time.  I never call a surgery minor, but some are more complex than others are.  These tips apply even if you are having outpatient surgery. In fact, they can help boost your health, so once you start these, stick with them to see the difference in how you look and feel. Quit smoking at least six weeks before your surgery. Smoking impairs your ability to heal and […]

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