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Ebola is Back

Just a short year ago, the Ebola virus raised its ugly head. Because there’s no vaccine and little treatment for this virus, fatalities are frequent. It sent fear rippling throughout the world. You can’t breathe a sigh of relief yet because Ebola isn’t on the backburner. Another American healthcare worker in Sierra Leone has contracted Ebola. The name and gender of the infected person hasn’t been released. But, we do know that they have been flown to Maryland for treatment. […]

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Quick Ebola Outbreak Timeline in the United States

In the beginning when the Ebola outbreak was in African countries, it seemed so far away from my home in the United States. But, few people, if any, live in isolation in today’s world. Within just a few weeks, the Ebola virus has made its way to the U.S.  Below is a timeline with links to news about each case that may help you track Ebola in America. This virus has also appeared in many other countries.  March 2014 — […]

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