Social Media Gets a Holiday

Today, June 30, we celebrate Social Media Day. Who knew it had its own holiday? It was launched is 2010 by Mashable, and it’s everywhere today. It continues to grow. Patient Scrubs® owes a lot of our online visibility to social media.

Google has made Google+ for businesses mandatory to be found. Whether you claim and manage your business listing or not, it’s probably there. This listing is the information that appears in Google search results. I’ve been writing blogs for the last couple of years to help increase the visibility for Patient Scrubs®. Today, we’re close to 2 million views!

Almost everyone expects a business to have a Facebook page – just like businesses are expected to have a website. In fact, many entrepreneurs and small businesses choose a Facebook page instead of a website due to cost. Features that help you reach your target audience on Facebook continue to expand. Plus, a business Facebook page appears in Google searches.

Sites to share images have popped up over the years. Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and others have gained in popularity. Google has made it easy to maintain pictures with their Photo app. Pictures give your marketing a boost.

YouTube is the premier place for videos. If a picture is worth 1000 words, just think how much a video is worth. Google owns YouTube, so your videos can dominate your keyword searches in Google search results if named appropriately. Other video sites also help promote your business.

Social media offers meetups, hangouts and more. Posts and videos can quickly go viral. It’s simply good sense to post only what you want to be known for worldwide. You never know what will take off in social media. Many people have chosen not to follow this one simple rule, and they have lost the jobs, their reputation, friends and more.

Wherever you are today, the Patient Scrubs® lady encourages you to celebrate #socialmediaday!






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