Reblogged from Hours of Gratitude: I hate Hospital Gowns!

While we sometimes can’t put a name with specific smell, the odors can transport us back to memories from our past. Hours of Gratitude’s post tells us how these smells continue to invoke memories of times that were difficult.  As a cancer survivor myself, I can identify with this blog and I wanted to share it with my readers.  

I admit, this is sort of a ridiculous post, but yes, I hate hospital gowns. However, my disdain for this particular piece of apparel is not for the typical reasons. It isn’t because I can never figure out if I should put the opening in the front or back, or how to tie it, or that my butt is exposed when wearing it. It isn’t even because whenever I put on a gown my head screams, please just let me put on a bra! (Nothing says, hey your boobs aren’t where they used to be like the oh so fashionable hospital gown.) But, again, this is not the reason I hate hospital gowns so much.

Most people, when they think of hospital gowns, think of the paper gowns they give you when you go for yearly physicals. That isn’t the type of gown I am talking about. I’m talking about the well-worn cloth gowns they give you in the hospital.

I had to get a chest x-ray today and they made me put on one of these gowns. I immediately cringed when I put it on because of the smell of the gown.

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