Patient Scrubs® Supports Earth Day

We’re joining Earth Day on Friday, April 22. Patient Scrubs® wants to get some stuff done. Come along with us to help protect our Earth while having some fun. Here are some things you and your family can do.

Patient Scrubs Supports Earth Day

      Patient Scrubs Supports Earth Day

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Plant some veggies
  3. Recycle some old items
  4. Shop local produce
  5. Buy reusable shopping bags
  6. Delete your name from junk mail lists
  7. Eliminate energy waste at home
  8. Filter your water instead of buying bottled water
  9. Recycle, Reuse and Reduce everyday items
  10. Pack your lunch (leaves you time to walk a bit)
  11. Turn off electronics not in use
  12. Reduce water usage


You get the idea! Join us in doing something green on Friday, April 22. Small lifelong changes yield big results, especially when we’re all working toward the same goal. What are you waiting on? Take action now.

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