Patient Scrubs Replacing Johnny Hospital Gowns


Patient Scrubs

Patient Scrubs

The hospital gown that many of us know personally is called the Johnny gown. It feels like it’s made from very low thread count bed sheets and is open in the back. Even if you can contort your body to tie behind your back, it still gaps to show off your backside.  More than one person has taken a shot at designing a new one, but most hospitals return to the Johnny gown year after year. Our goal at Patient Scrubs is to change this! 

Designers, researchers, medical professionals and entrepreneurs have all taken a shot at designing a better hospital gown.  Yet, no one has been able to replace the Johnny gown from the 1800’s. Is it cost? That people don’t demand better? Or, is the medical profession just too set in their ways? 

  • Henry Ford hospital in Detroit debuted a hospital gown that looked like a robe.
  • The Cleveland Cancer Clinic in Ohio worked with designers to add slits and Velcro.
  • A New Jersey medical center came up with a version that looked like a kimono.
  • Other designers and entrepreneurs came up with sarongs, jumpsuits, floor-length versions, and sashes
  • University students from several states have researched and designed multiple gowns
  • And this list could go on and on.

Many have tried to introduce a better hospital gown and failed. Is a little comfort and dignity too much to ask when you are sick, in chemo or rehab or the hospital? Absolutely not! Comfort and dignity is your right!  This is why Patient Scrubs took up the challenge to redesign the hospital gown with the patient in mind. 

Patient Scrubs is a two-piece wash and wear set. The front completely detaches from the back, giving easy access to the body. Yet. you stay covered in your own set of scrubs. They are great for running errands, greeting visitors, meeting a friend for lunch—all while you are undergoing medical treatments or chemo. How much you do or where you go  depends on how you feel…not on the need to change clothes. 

The medical industry is slow to change, but Patient Scrubs is making headway. Every time we talk to a hospital, they get excited about Patient Scrubs. We’re making headway, and many hospitals are making Patient Scrubs available to their patients. If we’re not in your hospital yet, order your own. You’ll be glad you did.

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