Patient Scrubs® New Book Debuts

My book, A Prescription for Dignity…A Family’s Story of Struggle, Tragedy & Triumph, is finally out.  This was a difficult book to write because it’s hard to put feelings into words. But, it’s something that I felt I needed to do.  It’s a true story about how my family and I worked together to start the Patient Scrubs® business.

It all started back in 2003 when my husband, a retired highway patrolman, Robert Lee Hart, Jr. was hospitalized.  As I took care of my husband while he was in the hospital, it became clear to me that the hospital gown needed to be replaced.  It was cumbersome and difficult to change. And, there was no dignity for the patient who was lying there exposed during treatments.

I had a vision to create Patient Scrubs®, a two-piece garment set, that would be easy to change and give dignity back to patients. After I developed the prototype, I sought opinions from the medical profession. Then, I tweaked sample to ensure that slots were in the right place for medical equipment such as intravenous fluids, stomach tubes, chest tubes and more.

As I received more feedback, it became clear that multiple lines were needs to ensure that pockets and slots were in the right position for different treatments.  Today, we have Patient Scrubs lines for breast cancer, cardiac, chiropractic, home health/hospice, oncology, orthopedic, radiology, maternity and more.  Plus we have added pediatric and children’s sizes.

All of the garments completely detach via plastic snaps so they can be put on or taken off easily by rolling the patient on his/her side.  Snaps allow easy access for treatments.   Patient Scrubs can be worn to medical appointments and to run errands, which eliminates changing clothes for various medical treatments.  This is a blessing for people undergoing outpatient treatments or rehab.

It’s been a long journey with lots of ups and downs, and that’s why I wanted to write the book….to share my story with you.  Patient Scrubs were developed because of tragedies that my family and I went through. Lots of friends gave me advice and helped me along the way.  Patient Scrubs is my way of giving back…to make it a little easier for the next person facing their own tragedy.

Take a little time to get to know the Patient Scrubs brand. Order my book on

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