Patient Scrubs® Go Where You Go

Guest Blog by Kathi Watkins: I can’t tell you how pleased I am with our Patient Scrubs®. My husband had complete shoulder replacement surgery two months ago. Patient Scrubs® has made our life so much easier. They’ve made the travel circuit from the hospital room, rehab, gym,

Patient Scrubs® Go Where You Go

Patient Scrubs® Go Where You Go

restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores and more. We’ve been everywhere in comfort and style. Let me tell you about it.

Patient Scrubs® Go the Hospital

When my husband awoke after his surgery, he didn’t want to wear the “exposing” hospital gown. So, we changed him into Patient Scrubs®. They were perfect for his first rehab therapy as he walked down the hospital corridor. These were also ideal for the nurses to change the bandage because they could unsnap and re-snap with no fuss or pain for my husband.

Patient Scrubs® Go to Rehab

Outpatient rehab starts immediately after you’re discharged from the hospital. So we’re off to his first rehab appointment the day after we get him home. Oh my goodness, I’m glad we had Patient Scrubs® because they were so easy to put on without moving his shoulder. The therapist tested his movements, looked at the incision and gave him a TENS (electronic impulse) treatment. No fuss or pain because his Patient Scrubs® unsnapped and re-snapped, which the therapists loved.

Patient Scrubs® Go to the Gym

My husband can’t raise his left arm, but we’re off to the gym so he can ride a stationary bike and do a few leg lifts. Patient Scrubs® are perfect for the gym. It’s cold where we live, so he’s wearing a t-shirt that I patterned after the Patient Scrubs® design.

Patient Scrubs® Go Out to Eat

It’s late, and we’re tired from a full day of doctor appointments and rehab. We decided to stop by a local restaurant on the way back home. My husband was comfortable in his scrubs, so it was no big deal. Eat, grab a take-home bag and no cooking when we get home!

Patient Scrubs® Still At Work

Two months later, he can wear regular clothes. But, he still wears Patient Scrubs® for rehab and doctor visits because these garments make it easy and quick. Doctors, nurses and therapists have all comments on the ease of treatment—both for the patient and for them.

Patient Scrubs® can give you the confidence to go everywhere you want to go. Whether it’s out to eat, shopping or meeting friends, you’re dressed for the occasion. My husband and I loved the convenience and ease of Patient Scrubs®. If you have questions about the suitability of Patient Scrubs® in your lifestyle, ask us.

Wishing you and yours the best of luck if you’re facing rehab. It’s a hard road, but one that is well worth it!



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