October is Child Health Month

The first Monday of October each year is Child Health Day in the United States. Calvin Coolidge issued a proclamation for this day in 1928. Eventually, the first Monday in October became the time this day is observed, and it often continues throughout the month. What does it mean for kids?

Clinics and medical professionals that provide services to children take the opportunity to promote children’s health. Typically, their awareness campaigns extend throughout October. Some of the health-related issues that are promoted are:

  • Nutrition for children.  Research shows that about one in six children are overweight. Finding healthy ways to prepare food that kids will eat can go a long way in helping reduce heart disease and diabetes.
  • Immunizations. Many children lag behind in vaccinations and preventative medical care. October awareness often focuses on checking and updating your child’s health records.
  • Exercise. Television, computers and electronic games are popular with children from 2 to 18. In October, you’ll find awareness campaigns to encourage kids to move. Play outside games, bike, run, swim and more. Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Injury prevention. Many children play sports or are weekend warriors like their parents. A sedentary lifestyle often results in injuries. Some campaigns raise awareness for safety and ways to prevent injuries.
  • Social interactions. Day care centers often choose awareness campaigns about the impact of social interactions on a child’s development.

Many children face hospitalizations and therapy from injuries or major health issues. Patient Scrubs® has garments for children. Modesty is especially important for children’s self-esteem. In addition, our garments go where you go, so it’s just one time to get dressed for the day. It’s that easy. If your child is in the hospital or undergoing therapy, check us out!

From the Patient Scrubs® lady to all parents: Hug your child today. Take care of them because they are our future.

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