How to Sanitize Your Laundry and Medical Scrubs

Sanitize Laundry and Scrubs to Prevent Germs
Sanitize Laundry and Scrubs to Prevent Germs

Flu and virus season is upon us, and that means that we need to be more vigilant about disinfecting surfaces and laundry.  Sanitation is important to help prevent the spread of diseases to others in the home.  Disinfecting clothing is also critical for health care workers so they don’t carry hospital/office germs to family and friends.  Below are tips on how to disinfect clothing, medical scrubs and your home. 

Medical professionals need scrubs that they can sanitize after treating patients with infectious diseases. Research from the University of Illinois says laundry can be disinfected with products that contain quaternary, chlorine, pine oil or phenolic. Not all products are created equally, so check the fine print for the EPA Registration Number. Chlorine is the least expensive, and it doesn’t leave you smelling like a pine tree.  

TIP: Launder your scrubs in extra hot water with a cup of EPA registered chlorine to sanitize. If your facility mandates colored scrubs, check out our colored medical scrubs on that stand up to sanitation in chlorine/hot water.  They are also great for anyone who enjoys the comfort and convenience of scrubs.

If someone in your family has come down with the flu or another virus, you’ll need to disinfect the surfaces and laundry at home.  Unfortunately, most items can pass a sniff or eye test when there are still germs present.  You can sanitize your laundry as described above. To disinfect hard surfaces in your home, use an EPA registered disinfectant.  Here’s a list of registered disinfectants for influenza.

TIP: The America Cleaning Institute has some good information on cleaning for better health.  For more information on how hygiene and cleanliness impacts your health, download their free ebook, Against Disease.

How often do you need to need to launder your clothing, bed sheets and other items?  Everyone is different, so it depends on how much you sweat, if clothing is soiled, frequency of bathing, etc. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

Many of us have family or friends in the hospital, rehab or undergoing medical treatments.  Viruses and other infectious diseases rage in the winter.  Sanitize your garments and follow flu prevention steps to help protect yourself against diseases.    

TIP: Wear Patient Scrubs™ for your medical appointments and treatments. The comfy garments allow complete access to your body while keeping you covered.  Plus, they offer the advantage of easy disinfecting with chlorine in hot water.  Purchase yours at

I hope this information and links help you protect yourself and your loved ones this winter.  May friends and love surround you; each blessed with good health and happiness. Keep smiling!

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