Hospital Patient Attire for Visitor Time

When you’re going to the hospital, one of the first questions that comes to mind is what you’ll wear.  Everyone that I know hates to wear a hospital gown.  It’s especially awkward if you’re having surgery and will be there for a few days because you know you’ll have visitors.

Who wants to be up and about with their backside showing when visitors come calling? Someone once suggested that I ask for two hospital gowns when I was going to the hospital—wear one and use the other as a robe to cover my back until I could start wearing regular clothes again.  Even if I wanted to do that, my backside would have still been exposed every time I got out of bed.

The usual gowns, pajamas and robes that you have in your closet can’t be worn because they don’t allow access to your body for medical tubes and treatments.  Try shopping for clothing that works for your hospital stay, and you can’t find clothing that really works.  Most people spend a lot of money for new gowns and robes, and they still end up in a hospital gown for several days because the medical staff needs access to different parts of the body that regular gowns, pajamas and robes don’t allow. What can you wear to look presentable for visitors while you’re in the hospital?

Finally, there’s a better option — an alternative to a hospital gown.  Patient Scrubs®.  This unique two-piece set is ideal for hospital wear. It allows complete access to different parts of the body while it keeps you covered. The exclusive design includes plastic snaps that allow the back to detach from the front.  Patient Scrubs are just like other casual clothes.   You can wear them to doctor’s appointments, for errands or meeting friends for a quick lunch after medical treatments.

Multiple lines of Patient Scrubs are available to provide maximum functionality for a wide range of medical treatments.  Categories include orthopedic, pediatric, radiology, oncology, breast cancer, chiropractic, cardiac and more. In addition, various sizes are available for both children and adults.

Nothing makes a hospital stay fun, but Patient Scrubs will make it a lot easier.  You’ll know that your backside is covered, so you’ll always be ready for visitors.  When you’re up to it, you can even walk your visitors to the elevator to say goodbye.  You’ll be comfortable being seen in the hospital halls because you are wearing Patient Scrubs.  Now, all you have to concentrate on is healing.

It’s easy to order online, learn more about Patient Scrubs from our videos or discover “behind the brand” in our new book.


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