Healthy Food to be Described by FDA

Healthy eating is different today versus years ago. Today, healthy eating is about choosing whole foods over processed foods. Regardless of how many vitamins are included in sugary cereals and breakfast bars, they are no longer considered healthy. In fact, the FDA is now redefining healthy foods to help us make better choices.

I designed Patient Scrubs® for my husband when he was hospitalized with a terminal illness. The garments made dressing easier and preserved his modesty during medical treatments. A few years after his death, I faced breast cancer. So, healthy eating became a big part of my life and has continued.

Today, healthy foods have to meet multiple criteria. They can’t have excess amounts of sodium and sugar that many processed foods contain. One of my good friends has a huge vegetable and fruit garden. She preserves a lot of food to feed her family throughout the year. Very little sodium. No preservatives. I jokingly tell her that I’m moving in with her if anything happens to the organic section of the grocery store!

Seriously, healthy eating has always been encouraged at Patient Scrubs®. I look forward to the FDA establishing healthy food and labeling guidelines. Too many people think they are eating healthy when they don’t. Guidelines will be a huge step forward toward better health.

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