Feeling Moody? Color Yourself Happy!

Colors influence your mood and outlook. Colors you wear. Colors of rooms. Colors around you. While personal taste sway color choices, many experts believe color selections can also affect how you feel and how you heal. Let’s look at colors.

Red is vibrant, motivating and powerful. This color is often used in restaurants because it is stimulating and promotes lively conversation. Many people choose red clothing when they feel

Color Yourself Happy ~From the Patient Scrubs® lady

Color Yourself Happy ~From Patient Scrubs®

good. Red boosts metabolism and raises blood pressure. Because it’s not a soothing color, you don’t usually find it in medical environments.

Blue is soothing—lowers blood pressure and pulse. This is an excellent color for resting and healing, so you’ll find it in many bedrooms and medical facilities. Wearing blue colors can create an aura of trust, intelligence and care. Many health facilities specify galaxy blue for employee scrubs, which is why we keep galaxy blue medical scrubs stocked.

Green symbolizes emotional harmony, relaxation and healing. It’s the color of nature. You’ll find green as wall colors in both homes and medical environments. Green is often the choice of color to convey safety and healing. Check out the different hues of green to promote emotional harmony.

Yellow is a high-energy color that captures attention. That’s why taxis, buses and traffic signals are often yellow. Saturation makes a difference in yellows. While pale yellows can be a “happy” wall color, vivid yellow can be too much. You sometimes find pale yellow in pediatric and medical clinics. It’s all about watching the hue with this color.

Orange, representing the tropics, is filled with joy. Light orange hues can stimulate happiness and healing, so it’s sometimes used as a wall color in medical facilities. Orange can be a very hot color, so watch the hues when you move in this direction.

White and gray can appear bland on the surface, but these colors are ideal neutral colors. They promote rest and fit in with most vibrant colors. While white used to be the preferred color, modern medical facilities often choose the gray color for walls and scrubs. We offer gray medical and Patient Scrubs® to accommodate today’s preferences.

When it comes to color, you can choose from a variety of hues and saturations. Check out the color wheel to help you set the right mood. The world is your playground, so choose the colors that convey your unique style.

Take a page from the book of the Patient Scrubs® lady. Color yourself happy!

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