Facebook Extends Like Button with Emoticons

How many times have you wished something other than a Like for a Facebook post? It doesn’t feel right to like the post when it announces a job loss. Nor do I feel okay about liking a post about someone getting hurt. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that they were working on it. Finally, testing has begun in Spain and Ireland.

Part of the challenge is identifying words and emoticons that are understood the same worldwide. Language is just one barrier. Culture also plays a part in finding emoticons that work in different countries. They are using testing the following emotions.

  • Like
  • Love
  • Haha
  • Yay
  • Wow
  • Sad
  • Angry


A video by Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox details how the emoticons work on Facebook posts. Facebook has also said they will tweak these emoticons if needed before launching them in other markets. Do these emoticons capture your feelings?

Patient Scrubs® is in touch with a lot of medical professionals. We’re in touch with people who are sick or injured. Others buy our garments because they are in rehab, chemo treatments or some type of long-term therapy. When I look at these emoticons, I feel they would express the wide variety of emotions I feel when working with clients.

Like finding the right fit of clothes, I’ll have to “try on” the emoticons when they become available to the general public. I appreciate that Facebook is working to provide different options to express my feelings.

By the way, the Patient Scrubs® lady is working with a new manufacturer on some great scrub designs. And, I’m updating my website. Of course, I continue to stay active on my social media sites too. So, expect great things from Patient Scrubs® during the last part of this year.

From the Patient Scrubs® lady to you and your family, be safe and stay healthy until we talk next time.

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