Ebola Survivors Face Chronic Health Problems

When you survive a deadly virus like Ebola, you feel lucky to be alive. You’re fortunate to overcome the odds. Yet, it’s looking like Ebola survivors aren’t as lucky as originally thought. They face continuing flare-ups and chronic health problems. Here are just a few things that Ebola survivors are facing. 

  1. The Ebola virus remains in body fluids for months after recovery. Semen and breast milk are two body fluids contain the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) is conducting a study that focuses on other body fluids.
  2. Joint pain and fatigue are among the most common symptoms of Ebola survivors. While there are common symptoms, there is a lot of unknown. How frequently do they occur? What is the severity? Will the symptoms be permanent or lessen over time? Research continues so we can answer those questions. Other symptoms reported by survivors include:
    1. Blurry vision and eye inflammation. Uveitis (eye inflammation) is the most serious chronic condition known at this time. It can lead to permanent vision loss if it isn’t treated.
    2. Insomnia can occur in Ebola survivors. It’s too soon to tell if some of the insomnia is related to depression or other origins.
    3. Some survivors report heart palpitations and shortness of breath.
    4. Hair loss is common among survivors.
    5. Muscle pain is another symptom that some survivors experience.
  3. Neighbors and family members often shun survivors because they are afraid of contracting the disease.
  4. There is also a negative economic impact for survivors who can no longer work. This has the potential to reach extended family members as well as the Ebola survivor. Here are Patient Scrubs®, we’re used to dealing with virus outbreaks. We provide medical garments to many people who are in rehab, facing a terminal illness or other illness/injury. Yet, the consequences of Ebola hit us hard. I hope that research soon finds answers that make a difference for survivors. The Patient Scrubs® lady wishes you and your family a happy and healthy spring.

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