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Youth Sports Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Annual campaigns have increased awareness of breast cancer. It’s amazing to see that youth sports teams get in on the annual campaigns. They wear pink sun guards, pink socks and ribbons. Or, maybe they add something else pink to their uniforms. Isn’t it awesome that this campaign has extended that far! Breast cancer awareness is dear to me because I’m a survivor! We’ve made great progress in creating awareness, but there’s still a long way to go. Get in on […]

Choosing the Right Hospital or Rehab Apparel

  Your clothes matter when you’re in the hospital, undergoing medical treatments or going through rehabilitation.  I know what you’re thinking—clothing is the least of my worries right now. I used to think the same way. But, after going through a major illness with my husband and breast cancer myself, I now know that choosing the right clothes helps make your journey to wellness so much easier. When it comes to hospital gowns, it’s usually one type fits all. You […]

Patient Scrubs – An Innovative Alternative for Hospital Gowns

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to when Patient Scrubs can make a difference. Check out our video. I continue to work with hospitals to spread the word about Patient Scrubs – a fabulous alternative to hospital gowns. I believe you’ll see more and more hospitals get on board. Mega Video Web Search!

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Going For Happy Because Woe is Not My Color

Although you can make a fresh start anytime you want, January is usually the time that most people look at how they can improve the quality of their life, their business/career and their relationships.  For me, all of those areas are wrapped up together.  I’m fortunate in that I love working with Patient Scrubs® and reaching out to others to help improve their hospital or rehabilitation experience.  So, here are my resolutions for 2014.  Just for today, I want to: […]

A Day In Your Life With Patient Scrubs®

Facing weeks or months of outpatient medical treatments is daunting to say the least.  Whether you’ve had recent surgery, an injury or have been diagnosed with a major illness, just anticipating medical treatments and/or physical therapy can be scary and overwhelming.  Changing clothes and worrying about being exposed adds another layer of complication, but not if you wear Patient Scrubs. These garments can take away a few of your worries, so let’s look at a day in your life with […]

Helping a Friend Through the Grieving Process

As I helped someone write the eulogy for a close family member, I took the opportunity to reflect on the difficulty involved in losing a loved one. I walked in those shoes when my husband died, and the support of my family and friends was the only thing that sustained me during this difficult time.  Death is always a challenge to talk about with your family, but at some point, we’ll all face the uncomfortable reality of losing a loved […]

Reblogged from Hours of Gratitude: I hate Hospital Gowns!

While we sometimes can’t put a name with specific smell, the odors can transport us back to memories from our past. Hours of Gratitude’s post tells us how these smells continue to invoke memories of times that were difficult.  As a cancer survivor myself, I can identify with this blog and I wanted to share it with my readers.   I admit, this is sort of a ridiculous post, but yes, I hate hospital gowns. However, my disdain for this particular […]

Helping A Terminally Ill Loved One

Most terminal illnesses are a marathon, not a sprint. These illnesses often last months and can stretch into a year or more. So, life shouldn’t stop on the day your loved one receives a diagnosis. This is a time to revisit memories, create new ones and offer a helping hand. Here are five ways that you can help. Join in the discussion and add your ideas. 1. Face the depression. Most terminally ill people become depressed as they lose more […]

6 Tips for Surviving Shoulder Surgery

One can’t imagine how difficult it is to endure shoulder surgery until you experience it.  Whether you’re looking at arthroscopic surgery, replacement or a fractured shoulder, recovery can be a long road of ups and downs.  Whether you’re facing just a few weeks of therapy or three to four months of rehab, there are a few things you can do to help yourself. 1.  Choose an easy-care hairstyle. Accept the fact that it will be 2-3 months before you can […]

5 Tips To Make Your Sick Child More Comfortable

Most children come down with lots of different illnesses throughout childhood. No matter what the doctor says, you always worry when it’s your child. Then, you thank your lucky stars if your child only has a mild illness or one of the common childhood diseases from which they recover quickly. You know that some children aren’t so lucky —that their small bodies are invaded by major illnesses that takes lots of work and prayer to overcome. Whether your child has […]