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Checklist to Prepare for Shoulder Surgery

Guest Blog by Kathi Watkins When my husband had shoulder replacement, I searched everywhere for a checklist that I could use to help us prepare. I found a little here and a little there, but I couldn’t find a complete list of things that we could do to make it easier. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel, so I want to share what we found helpful for his surgery. Pay it forward by taking what works for you and […]

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Patient Scrubs® Go Where You Go

Guest Blog by Kathi Watkins: I can’t tell you how pleased I am with our Patient Scrubs®. My husband had complete shoulder replacement surgery two months ago. Patient Scrubs® has made our life so much easier. They’ve made the travel circuit from the hospital room, rehab, gym, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores and more. We’ve been everywhere in comfort and style. Let me tell you about it. Patient Scrubs® Go the Hospital When my husband awoke after his surgery, he didn’t […]

Patient Scrubs™ Are a Snap for Shoulder Replacement Recovery

Guest Blog by Kathi Watkins – Part 2  If you joined our shoulder replacement journey, you know from my first blog that my husband and I prepped for his surgery. Although his surgery was more extensive than expected, our first few days following surgery have gone well. No, we didn’t hit the mark on everything. Here’s what went well and a few opportunities for improvement.  At the last minute, we looked at our high bed. Oops, he’ll need a step […]

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