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MMR Vaccine Autism Link Manipulated

One of our biggest health scares came from the controversy surrounding the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. A research paper with false data linked autism to the vaccine. After the paper was published and widely covered by the media, it was found that the author (Andrew Wakefield) had manipulated the research. Following publication of the paper, MMR vaccinations dropped in the UK and Ireland. Of course, this led to an increase in the number of measles and mumps cases. […]

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Visit Your Relatives Day

May 18 is always the day dedicated to vising your relatives each year. It’s intended to help build and strengthen family relationships. Of course, it’s easier to find time to visit relatives when May 18 falls on a weekend instead of in the middle of the week. Even in the middle of the week, there are lots of ways to reach out to those who are important to you. If your life is too busy during the week to get […]

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Healthy Food to be Described by FDA

Healthy eating is different today versus years ago. Today, healthy eating is about choosing whole foods over processed foods. Regardless of how many vitamins are included in sugary cereals and breakfast bars, they are no longer considered healthy. In fact, the FDA is now redefining healthy foods to help us make better choices. I designed Patient Scrubs® for my husband when he was hospitalized with a terminal illness. The garments made dressing easier and preserved his modesty during medical […]

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Patient Scrubs® Concerned About Hepatitis C

A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that Hepatitis C kills more people than any other infectious disease. That’s scary! Even scarier is that many people don’t have symptoms until they reach the acute phase. Here are some facts on Hepatitis C. A viral infection causes Hepatitis C, which is in inflammation in your liver. This contagious virus spreads through body fluids. You can contract Hepatitis C by coming in contact with an infected […]

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Patient Scrubs® Supports Earth Day

We’re joining Earth Day on Friday, April 22. Patient Scrubs® wants to get some stuff done. Come along with us to help protect our Earth while having some fun. Here are some things you and your family can do. Plant a tree Plant some veggies Recycle some old items Shop local produce Buy reusable shopping bags Delete your name from junk mail lists Eliminate energy waste at home Filter your water instead of buying bottled water Recycle, Reuse and Reduce […]

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Ebola Survivors Face Chronic Health Problems

When you survive a deadly virus like Ebola, you feel lucky to be alive. You’re fortunate to overcome the odds. Yet, it’s looking like Ebola survivors aren’t as lucky as originally thought. They face continuing flare-ups and chronic health problems. Here are just a few things that Ebola survivors are facing.  The Ebola virus remains in body fluids for months after recovery. Semen and breast milk are two body fluids contain the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) is conducting […]

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April 7 is National No Housework Day

Patient Scrubs Supports No Housework Day We often overlook how much caregivers do. Many have little relief in caring for their loved one,cooking, cleaning, laundry and more. If you know a caregiver, offer to give them some relief on April 7, 2016. It’s National No Housework Day. Give them a chance to catch up on a book, go out with friends or simply kick back and watch TV. At Patient Scrubs®, we are closest to caregivers, people in rehab and […]

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Patient Scrubs® Supports Liver Cancer Patients

As you know, my Patient Scrubs® business brings me in contact with many people who have terminal illnesses. Cancer is one disease that takes the lives of so many people. I’ve blogged before about being a breast cancer survivor. Today, I want to talk about liver cancer. The largest organ in the human body is the liver. It’s responsible for filtering and processing chemicals in food, alcohol and medications. Your liver produces bile that aids in digestion and eliminates waste […]

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Patient Scrubs® Recognizes World Down Syndrome Day

In 2016, Monday, March 21 marks the 11th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day. In the United States, 1 in every 700 babies is born with Down Syndrome. In fact, it’s the most common chromosomal condition diagnosed in the United States. Yet, each child born with this disability is unique. What is Down syndrome Down syndrome is a health condition where a person has an extra chromosome 21. This extra copy changes how the body and brain develop. Thus, it […]

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Wheelchair and Patient Scrubs® Ease Medical Treatments

When children visit their pediatrician, furniture is the right sized. There are lots of kid-friendly devices. Everything is geared toward making the experience more pleasurable. Many elderly people find it challenging to get around. Yet, most medical facilities have done little to make the visit a little easier. That needs to change. One of my close friends has been taking her parents to their medical appointments. Here’s how she solved some of the elderly-unfriendly issues with a wheelchair and clothes. […]

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