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Patient Scrubs® Supports Liver Cancer Patients

As you know, my Patient Scrubs® business brings me in contact with many people who have terminal illnesses. Cancer is one disease that takes the lives of so many people. I’ve blogged before about being a breast cancer survivor. Today, I want to talk about liver cancer. The largest organ in the human body is the liver. It’s responsible for filtering and processing chemicals in food, alcohol and medications. Your liver produces bile that aids in digestion and eliminates waste […]

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Wheelchair and Patient Scrubs® Ease Medical Treatments

When children visit their pediatrician, furniture is the right sized. There are lots of kid-friendly devices. Everything is geared toward making the experience more pleasurable. Many elderly people find it challenging to get around. Yet, most medical facilities have done little to make the visit a little easier. That needs to change. One of my close friends has been taking her parents to their medical appointments. Here’s how she solved some of the elderly-unfriendly issues with a wheelchair and clothes. […]

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Patient Scrubs Replacing Johnny Hospital Gowns

  The hospital gown that many of us know personally is called the Johnny gown. It feels like it’s made from very low thread count bed sheets and is open in the back. Even if you can contort your body to tie behind your back, it still gaps to show off your backside.  More than one person has taken a shot at designing a new one, but most hospitals return to the Johnny gown year after year. Our goal at […]

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Patient Scrubs Cover You Where Hospital Gowns Fail

Anyone who has been a patient in a hospital, rehab or long-term care facility knows the uneasy feeling of today’s generic hospital gown.  It’s that ugly gown that we’re offered to cover ourselves during treatment.  The problem is that this unisex gown doesn’t cover anyone, so your modesty takes a backseat.   So, let’s take a look at Patient Scrubs® for rehab and hospital wear.  This innovative garment offers dignity in a variety of rehab and hospital settings. Patient Scrubs provides […]

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Hospital Patient Attire for Visitor Time

When you’re going to the hospital, one of the first questions that comes to mind is what you’ll wear.  Everyone that I know hates to wear a hospital gown.  It’s especially awkward if you’re having surgery and will be there for a few days because you know you’ll have visitors. Who wants to be up and about with their backside showing when visitors come calling? Someone once suggested that I ask for two hospital gowns when I was going to […]

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Patient Scrubs® New Book Debuts

My book, A Prescription for Dignity…A Family’s Story of Struggle, Tragedy & Triumph, is finally out.  This was a difficult book to write because it’s hard to put feelings into words. But, it’s something that I felt I needed to do.  It’s a true story about how my family and I worked together to start the Patient Scrubs® business. It all started back in 2003 when my husband, a retired highway patrolman, Robert Lee Hart, Jr. was hospitalized.  As I […]

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