Best Holiday Gifts for Elderly Parents and Friends

Patient Scrubs

Best Holiday Gifts for Elderly Parents and Friends are Patient Scrubs.

When the holiday gift-giving season rolls around, many people search high and low for a great gift for aging parents, older family members or elderly friends.  Ask them what they want or need, and the answer is usually just seeing or hearing from you is enough. Well, it is true that Dad probably doesn’t need another shirt or tie; Mom doesn’t need another sweater or scarf.  But there are many gifts that they will love.  Here are a few ideas. 

Scrubs – These garments caught on in the medical industry for good reasons—easy care and comfort! If your loved one is in the hospital or rehab, undergoing medical treatments or has trouble dressing, Patient Scrubs™ is an ideal gift.  These hassle-free garments make it easy to get “dressed and done” just once a day. If your loved ones are kicking back at home, regular scrubs make great gifts.  Best of all, all these comfy-for-everyone garments can be sanitized in chlorine bleach for added protection from infectious diseases. Check out a variety of gifts for elderly and disabled people on 

Cleaning – Chances are that your aging relatives can’t clean their home the way they would like. This year, think about helping them clean or hiring a cleaning service.  If your loved ones can handle general cleaning, engage a service to do the more difficult tasks such as windows, curtains and floors.  

Memories – As people get older, they enjoy a walk down memory lane.  Creating a scrapbook of photos with captions,  a calendar using old photos or a birthstone family  tree are thoughtful gifts for older people. These presents help your loved ones reminisce over and over—not just this year, but throughout future years too.  

Music – Is your parents’ favorite music still on vinyl records or tapes? There’s a good chance that their old record or tape player has some glitches or doesn’t work. Record some of their favorite music on CDs and buy them a player. Do it yourself or look locally for a re-recording service.  The sound of their favorite tunes will light up their face.

Time – Although many seniors are active, some have health issues that make it almost impossible to get out and about. The gift of yourself is something that both active and shut-in elderly people appreciate.  Make the time to do something with your active parents.  Sit down and talk with your relatives who can no longer get out. Offer to pick up something that’s needed on your way.  Don’t do this just during the holidays. Make the time to do it often. Make memories to last your lifetime and theirs!

As you can see, finding gifts for aging parents and friends isn’t all that difficult.  Just put yourself in their shoes, and you find the right gift.  Make 2015 the year of gifts that your loved ones can use and will cherish.

From the Patient Scrubs lady to you—Happy Shopping!

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