Awesome Alternative to Hospital Gowns

You’re in the hospital or rehab facility because you’re sick or injured. You’re there for your health, so it’s important to avoid extra stress. Yet, you’re asked to put on a hospital gown as soon as you arrive. Talk about stressful! No one has enough hands to keep a hospital gown pulled together, so you’re left with your back side and who knows what else hanging out. There’s an awesome alternative to wearing a hospital gown.

Patient Scrubs® were invented because hospital gowns left my husband exposed. I’ve worked with patients, doctors and medical facilities to refine the design. Here’s a look at some of the features that people love about Patient Scrubs®.

  • Covers your body: This was of utmost importance when I was designing Patient Scrubs®. Due to a unique snap design, these garments keep you covered while allowing complete access to your body for medical treatments. So, you never have to worry about being exposed.
  • Easy on and off: You and/or your caretaker can avoid the extra stress of dressing. You can slip into Patient Scrubs® in a snap, literally. If you can pull it on, you can leave it snapped. If you need more versatility, you can snap one or more sides together. Bottom line, Patient Scrubs® conforms to your needs.
  • Comfortable fit: These garments feel great. They fit like regular medical scrubs. Many of my clients choose to sleep in Patient Scrubs® because they are so comfortable.
  • Goes with you: Whether you’re sick or not, you probably have to get out for errands. Or, you have visitors. Patient Scrubs® look like regular scrubs, so you can feel good about receiving visitors, stopping at the store or lunching with friends while you wear them.
  • Easy care garments: Just throw these in the washer and tumble dry. It’s that easy. They come out looking great.
  • Made in the USA: At Patient Scrubs®, we source our materials in the USA. When you talk to customer service, you’re talking to someone in the USA.
  • If you or a loved one is facing rehab or hospitalization, check out Patient Scrubs®. They are an awesome alternative to tradition hospital gowns.

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