All I Want for Christmas Is

Remember your special Christmas wish list from your childhood. For many children, it’s about toys, special shoes and sports. Others like crafts. Other children prefer sports. Christmas is such a special time of year for children.

Here’s a wish list of a 6-year old boy in the 1st grade. The little guy worked hard to sound out the words for his list. Do you recognize them? He gave up on trying to spell electric, and his brother helped him spell scooter. Futtball (football) and gullfs (gloves) is really cute. I had no problem reading pockit niff (pocket knife). Christmas Wish List Could Include Patient Scrubs

After watching this, I was interested in how he would spell Patient Scrubs®. So, I asked him to write this on his list. It came out to be Pasunt skrobs. Don’t you love how little ones spell words as they sound?

Holidays can be more challenging when children have long-term illnesses. I was so pleased when we were able to add children’s medical apparel to Patient Scrubs®. It’s especially important for kids to be a comfortable as possible during sickness and recovery. I hope every child who needs Patient Scrubs® has an opportunity to get them. One of my favorite projects is helping kids achieve their goals.

Our wish list evolves as we get older. Yesterday, I wished for dolls and toys. Today, I wish for health for family, friends and others. I wish for world peace. I wish for homes for the homeless, food for the hungry and healing for the sick. I wish for good times with family and friends. Although my Christmas wish list has changed, it’s just as long as ever.

What’s on your Christmas wish list? All I want for Christmas is health, happiness and harmony. Wow….that’s a big order even for Santa!



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