A Single Website is Enough for Patient Scrubs®

Three out of four of us who are self-employed consider ourselves entrepreneurs. It can be a rough go, so it’s always good to share information about business success. Today’s blog is about just that – the fact that most of us don’t have the time to manage a single website, much less multiple ones. So, it’s a relief to find out that a single website is usually the right way to go.

  • It’s easier and cheaper to maintain a single website. Take my www.patientscrubs.com. I sell scrubs for patients, children, medical professionals and other people who need scrubs in their line of work. What a relief to find out that it’s best to have my shopping cart on one website. My social media, third-party links, blogs, etc. all focus some aspect of Patient Scrubs®.
  • Another plus is brand recognition. I try to keep my brand consistent. People recognize my images. They recognize my logo, videos, website pages, etc. It’s not just a plus in social media. It’s an advantage in search engine optimization because people searching for information recognize my content.

A second website is a good idea if you have a specific product or procedure you want to promote. For example, let’s say that I started working with a children’s hospital where many different scrub designs were needed. A second website could help promote the many different designs.

But, for now, one website works well for me. All of my social media works in conjunction with my website to optimize SEO. Just look for me in Google, on Google’s images, in Google+ or Facebook. You can find me on YouTube. We work it every week so that you can find us when you look for Patient Scrubs®.

If you are an entrepreneur like this Patient Scrubs® lady, I hope you find our occasional blog on marketing a help. Wishing you an awesome position on the first page of Google search results!

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