A Day In Your Life With Patient Scrubs®

Facing weeks or months of outpatient medical treatments is daunting to say the least.  Whether you’ve had recent surgery, an injury or have been diagnosed with a major illness, just anticipating medical treatments and/or physical therapy can be scary and overwhelming.  Changing clothes and worrying about being exposed adds another layer of complication, but not if you wear Patient Scrubs. These garments can take away a few of your worries, so let’s look at a day in your life with Patient Scrubs.

6:30 am – Arise and grab your favorite morning beverage for a pick-me-up.

6:45 am – Wash, groom and slip on Patient Scrubs so you’re ready to meet the day.

7:30 am – Take your Pre-K daughter to school and walk her to the classroom. You’re good with this because you look great in your Patient Scrubs.

8:00 am – Meet a friend for breakfast. You need nourishment to face today’s treatment/therapy.

9:30 am – Have your medical treatment/therapy. Getting dressed is difficult, and you’re happy that you don’t need to change clothes for this – thanks to Patient Scrubs.

Noon – You stop on your way home to pick up a few things at the store.  Patient Scrubs look like regular scrubs, and they are ideal for running errands before or after your therapy or treatment.

1:30 pm – You arrive home for some much needed rest.  Snatch a quick nap if you can.

2:45 pm – It’s back to school to pick up your daughter.  There’s always something to do afterward. It could be a play date, homework, or other errands, but you’re always busy when there are children around. Thank goodness you have some time off work so you can mend and regroup.

5:00 pm – Time to start dinner if it takes a while to prepare. If you’re planning something quick and easy, you may have a few minutes to relax.

6:30 pm – Eat dinner and clean up the kitchen.

7:30 pm – Bath and story time for your daughter.

8:30 pm – Whew….what a busy day! Maybe you can have a little time to unwind.  Patient Scrubs helped make your day a little easier and more convenient because you didn’t have to change clothes. If you’re not quite ready for night clothes yet, Patient Scrubs can make you comfortable throughout the night too. Glad you have more than one set because it can be a long and winding road to recovery.

10:00 pm – Lay out a fresh set of Patient Scrubs for tomorrow, and drop in bed.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

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