8 Must-Have’s for Your Website Design

I know a good website when I see one, and I know what I want mine to look like. But, I admit that I have little understanding of the technology on the backend. Thank goodness, my updated website to order Patient Scrubs® and medical employee scrubs is being finalized at this moment. All systems will be go on January 20.

Here are 8 must-have’s for website design that I’ve learned (some the hard way). So, I’m sharing with you so that maybe you can learn from my pain:

  1. Content is critical on a website. People want pictures, descriptions and videos. They want testimonials. Spend some time writing content and getting professional photography of your product. If you aren’t a writer or a photographer, turn to a professional. Message me if you need referrals in is area.
  2. Now that you have the pieces, think about search engine optimization (SEO). Your content needs to have keywords that can get you found.  Blogs and videos have put me all over Internet. It gives me the opportunity to use keywords, talk about trends and share helpful information with my followers.
  3. Multi-device functionality is more important today than ever before. People are looking up information on tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc.—all different sizes, different inputs and different speeds.  Plus, just think about how many different browsers are used! Find a designer who knows how to prioritize and optimize your website across multiple platforms.
  4. Navigation is important. If potential buyers can’t find the information they seek in a matter of seconds, they are off to another website. Intuitive navigation that is just right (not too many or too few clicks) is the best.
  5. Connections to other sites are important, especially if you have a shopping cart on your website. Test and retest this buying process to make sure that it works well.
  6. Definitely, an overall pleasing design is important. In a shopping cart, images need to align. There should be a good balance between pictures and content.
  7. Tweaking the content and changing images is encouraged. It’s ok if you decide you want to say something a little different. Put up a new special. Add a new blog. That’s keeping your website updated, which is an important feature—both for SEO and for return visits.
  8. Add a Call To Action.  While you don’t want to go overboard on a call to action, you need to tell people what you want them to do.  Whether it’s on my website, social media or in a blog, I try to tell people about my products.

Don’t forget to check out www.patientscrubs.com on January 20! The Patient Scrubs® lady is excited about the new website, so tell me what you think.

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