5 Tips To Make Your Sick Child More Comfortable

Most children come down with lots of different illnesses throughout childhood. No matter what the doctor says, you always worry when it’s your child. Then, you thank your lucky stars if your child only has a mild illness or one of the common childhood diseases from which they recover quickly. You know that some children aren’t so lucky —that their small bodies are invaded by major illnesses that takes lots of work and prayer to overcome.

Whether your child has a minor or major illness, there are things you can do to make him/her more comfortable while he or she is on the road to recovery.

1. Set up a sick room or space. Most children want to spend sick time doing something that they enjoy. So, choose some of their favorite activities that they can do while they are recovering, a few preferred stuffed animals or dolls, and some books or DVDs of their beloved cartoon characters.

2. Choose comfortable clothing. No one wants to change clothes to go to the doctor or to leave home, and children are no exception. Loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t have to be changed frequently is a perfect solution. Patient Scrubs® provides ideal clothing for recovering from illnesses. These two-piece sets have plastic snaps so the front completely detaches from the back, providing easy access for tests and examinations by doctors. Another big plus is that they look like everyday clothes, so you can take your child anywhere without worrying about a change of clothes.

3. Spend time with your child. Take some time to comfort your child. This could be reading their favorite book, coloring with them, giving them a bubble bath or other activities that give you some much needed “one-on-one” time.

4. Provide simple foods. Talk to your doctor about the types of food and drink that you child can have. Then, choose from a variety of popsicles, fresh drinks and foods that are easy to digest. Generally, it’s a good idea to avoid surgery foods and drinks unless your doctor okays them.

5. Add a humidifier and soft tissues. If your child’s illness involves the upper respiratory system, running a humidifier can help keep him/her more comfortable. Tissues also offer an extra measure of comfort if your child’s nose is running.

Definitely, you want to provide medication as prescribed by your doctor. With all the changes in medications for children these days, it’s best to consult your pediatrician before giving your child any prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Whether you are dealing with a minor childhood illness or a major illness, comfort is key to making your child feel better. We developed our pediatric and children’s Patient Scrubs line to add an extra layer of comfort. You know that your child hates changing clothes when sick because he/she always want to keep “comfy clothes” on. With Patient Scrubs, your child can keep his/her “comfys” on when you need to run errands, take them to the doctor or get additional treatment.

The little extras that we do are etched in children’s memories forever. Regardless of whether your child is suffering from a minor illness or a major disease, let Patient Scrubs provide “comfy clothes” to help them through the rough times.

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