4 Ways to Reduce the Height of Your Bed

As mattress thickness has increased, it has created many beautiful tall beds. Beds built for extra height gives the children a place to hide or build a fort. It offers a gorgeous touch to your décor. But, it can be a problem after surgery or an injury. Don’t despair! You have lots of options. Many of my Patient Scrubs® customers tell me that they have to do something about their tall bed. Remember, many of my conversations are about prepping for surgery, illness or a hospital stay.

Explore Ways to Reduce Bed Height
Explore Ways to Reduce Bed Height

 I’ve researched lots of solutions for friends and customers. In turn, they share tips with me. Then, I share tips and findings in my blogs to help others who are seeking answers.

Today, the standard bedframe is 7.5 inches off the floor. But, plenty of beds are 10 to 12 inches off the floor. Add a 16-to 18 inch mattress plus box springs, and you can easily have a bed that is 34 to 40 inches tall. When you’re having surgery or injured, you can’t hop and roll into the bed. Here are some solutions:

Add a Stool

If you need a little boost to get in the bed for a few weeks or months following an injury or surgery, think about a bedside stool. Google “bedside stepstool” to see a wide variety of stools to fit almost any budget. If you handy with building materials, you can build your own as one of my friends did. Here are the instructions to build a bedside stepstool.

Change the bedframe

If you need a long-term fix to lower your bed, explore a low-profile steel bed frame. Most of these bolt or hook into your existing headboard. This inexpensive solution can lower your bed by three to four inches.

Replace Box Springs

Another quick fix is to replace your traditional box springs with a low-profile box springs. Traditional box springs measure seven to nine inches, so you can gain 3+ inches with low-profile springs that measure four to six inches.

Buy a Thinner Mattress

Although many mattresses now are much thicker, you can find some thinner mattresses. Check them out carefully. Many thinner mattresses are cheaply made, so you can sacrifice quality and comfort. If the mattress will be used nightly, this may not be a good option. Tread carefully.

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