2016 Marketing Trends for Patient Scrubs

Marketing trends change over time because new technology is easier to use. Different tactics become popular. You can reach more people. Patient Scrubs® is a family-owned business, so it’s important for us to evaluate which trends will help us in the future.

Six 2016 Marketing Trends that Patient Scrubs® Will Try 

  1. Content marketing is still important. We already use a number of tactics so that people can read our info at a glance. Bullets, bolded words, call outs, pictures, numbered lists, etc.
    Marketing Trends for Patient Scrubs

    Marketing Trends for Patient Scrubs

    We’ll also look at other ways to make our information easy to scan throughout 2016.

  2. A mobile-optimized site is important. Google announced last year that it would phase out desktop websites in its search algorithm in favor of mobile websites. In addition, Google announced that mobile searches were higher than desktop in 10 different countries. So, we’ll make sure that www.patientscrubs.com is optimized for mobile.
  3. Videos will become more important for Patient Scrubs. It’s easy to create simple videos for YouTube and other social channels. You can record your own, create one via a PowerPoint presentation or hire a professional videographer. Concentrate on one point and keep them short for quick views. You’ll see some of these for us.
  4. Social media channels offer new features. With so much competition on social channels, it’s important to try the new features. Facebook is beginning to launch a video profile that we want to try when it becomes available to us. We may begin some targeted social advertising.  Most of the features are priced so that you can see how they work for you.
  5. We’ll continue our SEO efforts. We’ll monitor and optimize our website content, blogs, Google+ My Business, online review sites, social media and other pages that provide online visibility.
  6. Apps are gaining popularity. We’ll be exploring some of the free and inexpensive business apps to see if they are a fit in our business. Right now, they are new to us. But, Google is indexing these in search results, so we feel it’s important to look into this marketing tactic.

If you are a small business owner, evaluate the marketing trends this year. Jump on board with the ones that can help your business. Ignore the ones that don’t offer you a bang for your buck. Seek help if you need it. I have some great professional experts to advise me on business decisions.

From the Patient Scrubs lady to all entrepreneurs: Cheers to a successful 2016!

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