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At last, an alternative to the hospital gown; Patient Scrubs, a new and innovative patent-pending convenience garment for medical patients. Now, patients can feel comfortable knowing that their dignity is the primary focus of any medical establishment. Medical professionals learn to comply with HIPPA regulations, but somehow we missed the boat with the old hospital gowns. Medical practices can now offer their patients a more dignified garment during visits. We are dedicated to dignity and works to deliver a garment that makes life a little easier by reducing stress on patients.

In The News

Nancy Hart and her family are working to turn tragedy into triumph with her Patient Scrubs business. The company’s Catchalls brand grew out of watching and caring for her ailing husband, retired Florida highway patrolman and sheriff’s deputy Robert Lee Hart Jr. He died in a Florida hospital in 2003 at age 59. The garments — a shirt and short pants — include slots for medical equipment such as intravenous fluid lines, catheters, telemetry and other monitoring wires, stomach tubes and chest tubes. They also have plastic snaps that allow the tops and bottoms to be put on or taken off without pulling them over the patient’s head or off the patient’s feet.

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Stay up to date with the latest in medical news and patient rights. We'll discuss proper ways to deal with medical stress and ensure that you are not alone during your medical treatments. We'll provide encouragement, hope, best practices, and insights so that you stay informed as a patient.

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